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Yes. We look forward to offering our potential clients an initial thirty minute consultation free of charge. We understand that selecting the right attorney for your legal needs is a delicate process, one that requires a face to face comfort level.

Yes. We tailor our fee structure to the client’s individual needs and the matter involved. Depending on the situation, hourly fee, contingency, or a combination hourly/contingent fee arrangements are available.

Yes. At the outset of SLG’s representation, each client receives a detailed overview of how the matter and representation will proceed, and an associated budget. This is accomplished by meeting with the client to specifically identify goals, risk/reward tolerance, and budgetary considerations Thereafter, the client is provided with a written overview evidencing a “road map” which includes the projected legal work necessary and a timeline in which to accomplish resolution or the action desired. We have found that our clients are reassured when they know what to expect, the time it will take, and how much it will cost.

Yes. SLG offers general counsel services for a monthly flat fee. The flat fee program includes legal services that small businesses, associations, and non-profits need which may go unserved or, when served, can be costly. Our flat fee program is tailored for each client in order to provide significant legal oversight while measuring potential costs effectively.

Absolutely. The attorneys at SLG are happy to provide individual attorney references for clients considering retention of the firm.

Yes. At the outset of representation, and as part of our “road map” for the client, the desired communication method selected by the client is identified. We understand that questions arise from time to time during representation and we place a premium on being easy to reach and accessible.



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